Concrete Ceiling Concept for Exquisite Contemporary Chalet Decor

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For those who live in northern hemisphere, contemporary decor is the most suitable interior decoration such as by applying concrete ceiling concept. Designed by Lubelso, the Malvern Residence is indeed the most exquisite modern chalet. In addition, by applying square exterior design, concrete material should be applied by main material. Hence, this modern chalet is painted in white color as main exterior color.

Combined by glass panels, exterior design of this modern chalet becomes so classy. Moreover, interior decoration of this chalet is reflected by the glass panels that are looked so classy along with modern interior furniture. Square design for exterior is indeed also making the modern chalet become so exquisite since the design is so compact to exterior design of the modern chalet. Ceiling lamps that are installed on a concrete ceiling concept are indeed looked so exquisite with minimalist exterior design. In fact, this modern chalet is so perfect because, it has compact contemporary interior d├ęcor as main decoration.

Surrounded by green lawn, this modern chalet is the most exquisite house in northern hemisphere. In addition, finest material that is applied for interior furniture is really compact to interior design. Indeed, with walnut floor installation used as main floor design, interior furniture is looked so classy. Some curvy interior furniture that is made from cedar wood is indeed also making this modern chalet becomes so exquisite. White color that is dominating interior wall decoration is really compact with minimalist furniture.

With cone ceiling lamp design, white color of interior wall is so adorable to be applied as main interior lamp design. Suede sofa that is applied as main furniture in living room is also looked so classy with curvy stand lamp of the living room. Designed in rectangular design, interior of which also has similar design, that modern chalet is looked perfect with concrete ceiling concept as main decoration.



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