Contemporary Home Designs for Eco-Friendly House

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The use of woods as the home material is one kind of contemporary home designs. The use of woods as the home material makes your home design becomes cozy, elegant, and also warm. The woods can be combined with the other home materials to make a variety of design. Nevertheless, the woods become the dominating material for the home design. The home design from woods makes your home support the ecological concept design also.

The use of woods can be applied for the exterior in this case as the wall. To make it various in decoration, this contemporary home design can combine the woods wall with some kinds of wall materials such as the metal material or concrete material. Use the various colors also that are combined with the woods and you will get the elegant exterior decoration. Give a little planter beside at your courtyard to strengthen the natural concept.

You can use the consistent design between the exterior design and the interior design. When you have the combination of the woods with the concrete material, you can use also the same materials for decorating the interior. The interior is dominated with the woods as the floor and the ceiling in every room and furniture. You also can use the woods to beautify the stairs as the shading. The white colored wall becomes the reflector of the simple lamps to reduce the home energy. The existent of the inner court can give you the natural ventilation and also the natural lighting.

Woods are very elegant, cozy, and warm design for your home. The wooden home designs also the representation of the ecological home design. The combination of the white colored wall with the wooden ceiling and flooring gives the warm lighting. The woods also can be combined with the modern design to make ecological and futuristic home decoration. Perhaps some description about the wooden contemporary home design ideas above can be used for you to have the ecological, cozy, and warm house.

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