Dark Brown Wood Door for Amazing Living Space in White Design House

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One of the houses that have amazing contemporary design is the white design house with dark brown wood door. This house is a perfect house to relax and get and some quiet atmospheres. The Sanders Pace Architecture has finished this contemporary house project which is located in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. This house named Barrier Island House. Even though the main concept is contemporary house, but we can see the minimalist design inside the house.

Look at the picture! That two-story house is the Barrier Island House. We can see the wide front yard, good ambiance in the white design house, and also some big trees near the house. It brings us into the mid-century house looks. The glass windows in the first floor and some parts in the second floor show us the neat and white room inside the house. This house has a separated garage which is located near the house. Unlike the white color house, the garage has brick grey walls and dark brown wood door.

This house was mainly has white color for both exterior and interior designs. Inside the house, we can see the white kitchen and dining room in the same area in the first floor. Except the white walls and ceilings, this house also use some wooden elements for tables, shelves, chairs, etc. since the windows are made from transparent glass that will allow people to see the outside view, the first level area has connection with the outside world. The blue beach view can be seen from the living room and dining room.

The second floor has the same design with the first floor. In this floor, there are no walls that separated one room with other rooms. The reading room, bed room, and bathroom are in the same area. There are only some cupboards to give some privacy to the owners. The bathroom has glass walls that allow the owner to see the outside view from the bathroom, since the second floor is protected enough. This big and white design house with dark brown wood door is the perfect house for family house.


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