Desk Lamp Led in Minimalist Design with Slender Shovel Handle

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When it comes for a simple thing such as desk lamp led, most people doesn’t put enough concern to think about it. The fact that in the interior design, every little detail is vital might change your mind. There’s a big different made by a simple decoration and in this case in lamp. You already knew that there’s a desk lamp, standing lamp, ceiling lamp and the latest is cordless lamp.

Look at these pictures that I have here. Here you can see unconventional lighting desk. This unique desk lamp led was successfully designed by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov called Ugol. The lighting project designed in slender and minimalist appeal which suits really well for working table with 1 and 2, 5 cm thick. Ugol has a design like the handle of a shovel which later used to stick this lighting item into minimalist working table as well.

With earthy tones and slender appearance, this lighting also completed with a cord. If we didn’t notice the cord cable and or the lighting support, we would be mistaken for its appearance which actually doesn’t look like a table lighting at all. Who would’ve thought that this piece of artwork is a desk lighting item?

In this high creative society, people race against each other to be the one with more eco-conscious state of mind. The more you care with the environment issue, the modern you are. It is funny, that this shovel shape lighting could actually be one of the artwork based on environmental issue. The slender frame could be a reuse item, which is really good. By having things like this in our living space, we will live a green life by reuse old tools and magically redesigned it for something else. The idea of Ugol desk lamp led isn’t just going to be green living but also adds more value into house decoration as well.

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