Family House Plans with Ground Floor Adapted to Wheelchair Use

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Although we already observe about hundreds of house designs, it seems kind of like family house plans are barely there. The idea of a living space which provides full amenities for two generations is quite interesting. If you love the idea of spending time together with family to keep each other company or just to visit during special occasion, you’ll love this article. It is total contemporary, sustainable and sophisticated visual appeal. But, like most of the house design, it is nothing if we couldn’t get inside that house.

Look at these pictures that I have here. If we couldn’t get inside, we still have their interior pictures in every angle. As you can see, an amazing strong first impression screamed out loud from the exterior visual appeal which built with combinations between stone, wood and glass material. Blanco Architecten, the mastermind behind this residential project designed this house with unique roof angles and modern family house plans.

This strong residence constructed on two levels structure which accommodates a patio, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathrooms, and master bedrooms and more importantly a whole level adapted to wheelchair use. The owner is actually more than 50 years old, so that kind of amenities is complete necessary and acceptable, in fact it is incredible. Apart from the ground floor adapted to wheelchair use, this house also have other incredible features such as energy efficient systems.

The energy efficient systems come from the glass windows placement which leads into giving natural light for main social area and a lot more. Dominated by black and white color scheme, this house spread out its elegance throughout the entire interior. An open floor plan in the social area feels brighter and expansive because of the floor to ceiling glass windows, showing endless refreshing surroundings. Did you already noticed about the inner garden? The inner garden is one step from family house plans in modern ways, no need unnecessary accessories, just bring nature element inside the house and voila.

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