Glass Windows Styles for Lovely Loft Story House

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The Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Studio based in Dutch come up with the loft story project with glass windows styles in Church. When Christian goes to the church, they will meet an old yet classic architect in most of the church in the entire place. In the church, we can find a spacious loft that used for the storage. They will redesign and renovate the church’s loft and make loft house in two levels. Located in Haarlo, Gelderland, Netherlands, this loft house will inspire many architects.

From the picture we can see the old design of church built from red bricks. This kind of church is the most common architecture in Europe. When you climb up to the loft, you can see the loft story with glass windows styles in the church. This spacious place didn’t use any walls except the staircase’s wall. Once you entering the loft, you will be welcomed by wide living room with many sofas. The first level is the living room, work room, kitchen, and dining room area. Those rooms are basically using the same design and colors, elegant design in white color.

The staircase is using red floors and red walls, while the other part is using wooden color. The second floor is actually kind of mezzanine cover by glass windows styles. This level is the area for bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom has two wall and ceiling colors; there are black color and white color. In the black ceilings and walls, there is a single white bed and small lamp. Meanwhile, in the white ceilings and walls, there is a white tub with some plants near it.

The designers put the bath tub outside the bathroom in order to let the owner enjoying shower in the bed room. The bathroom has strong design by using red blood color from floors to ceilings in the inside part. The only white colors in the bath room are the toilet surface, and the shelves. Meanwhile, the outside part is using grey color. The contrast design shows us the loft story with great design of glass windows styles. Many Architects will be inspired by this design.


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