Green Plants Decoration for Attractive Porch Design

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Has it ever come across your mind that the porch design with green plants decoration may determine the impression to your home? When a famous saying says not to judge something or someone just by its appearance, we can say that it does not apply to the home design. For us, the most suitable nuance for any home is a heartwarming, welcoming one which will give an appropriate impression for your guests.

Lead your guests to the entrance door by creating a cool and impressive pathway. Look at this wonderful modern home with stunning porch design ideas, involving the mix of gravel and stepping stone path. To make it more impressive, the fresh green plants decoration is bursting around the front yard to create the refreshing look.

If you prefer the neat, manicured porch, you can take a look at this cool modern one. Showcasing the minimalist impression, the modernity is marked by accentuating the clean lines as part of its design. We really love how the stepping stone design contrasts the fresh green filling the space available between each stone.


Let your entrance stands out wonderfully by choosing the bright and noticeable paint color for your entrance door. Look at this wonderful porch that looks absolutely attractive by using the bright and sunny yellow splash for the door, contrasting the clean white exterior perfectly. You can also see that this cozy porch is also equipped with comfortable seating that will help your guests waiting for the door opened in less awkward manner.

This cool modern home showcases the eye-catchy color splash as part of its exterior. Involving the bright green for the door and bold red for the butterfly chairs, you can see how impressive the final look is. Contrasting the rich yet neutral colored exterior perfectly, this front porch design with the green plants decoration allows this living space to look more stunning in simple way.

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