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Kraton Jogja has several historical buildings which is a pity to be missed by tourists. Dalem Joyokusuman, Dalem Pakuningratan, Dalem Yudonegaran, Dalem Kaneman, dan Dalem Suryaputran are several places which keep Kraton Jogja’s historical moments. You can enjoy the beauty and special structure of these buildings and know the living of Kraton Jogja (especially King’s family in Kraton Jogja) which is symbolized by the patterns and building’s structure.

In those places we can’t only enjoy the beauty of Java style buildings, but also visit the Sonobudoyo museum unit II with its craft products, gamelan, Pakualaman’s litter, etc. Not just museum, we can also taste the food menu of Sultan, see the making of batik tulis, gamelan rehearsal, and exhibition in Dalem Joyokusuman.

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