Interior Addict Furniture in Rocky Design Concept

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Talking about interior addict furniture is my favorite. There is no legitimate reason besides there are numerous options with gorgeous designs. This maybe not something that’s as interesting for others, yet talking about furniture design is kind of helping my day. The idea of various interior styles has been spread all over the world with all of its characteristics. But why we don’t talk about furniture design as much as we talk about interior design?

It is such a solvable problem and it ends here. Let’s talk about interior addict furniture. Look at these pictures that I have here. Here is a residential project designed by Kiev-based architect Igor Sirotov. Not only the exterior appeal represents manly and roughness appearance especially from the neighboring stones, the interior as well has the same roughness yet offers loads of comforts and relaxed mood.

In the second picture you’ll see a bedroom with cold earth tones color. A masculine bedroom idea with enough decoration such as mirror wall and floor to ceiling transparent curtains makes this area casually well done. If you haven’t noticed, there are major assets in this residence and that is natural light and the rocky seating item. The rocky seating item has unique appearance but I can guarantee that chair is going to rock your world with its coziness.

This residence reflects simplicity and the idea of practical living without compromising on the interior esthetics. Having a privilege of panoramic views from the ocean, this residence keep up with particular material selection such as stone wood and glass which basically mixed well. On the other side of the house, you can found an ocean theme living room. With baby blue sofa and lighting ceiling which looks like surf board design decorated the social area beautifully. Apart from the baby blue accent, there is also fine wooden accent in dining area to create balance and offers warmth into the main social area. If you want to see another unique rocky seating item, you can found it on the outlet of interior addict furniture or make it easier with go online shopping.

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