Kilim Rugs Designs for Gorgeous Home Interior

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In this era, we will find many more Kilim rugs designs that will make the home interior design eye catching. The rugs are coming from Turkish origin that is used as the pileles rugs. They are made of the flat-weave technique in which the fabric and textiles are in high quality to be appreciated well. The applications of these rugs can be various in several rooms; however, they usually apply it in the living room. The Kilim rugs are not only applied for the rugs, but they also have other functions.

Dealing to the Kilim rugs designs, here are several photos that will help you make clearer about the rugs styles. The Turkish Kilim rugs are usually designed in combination of red and brown colors with geometrical and some other patterned styles. The first style is the Kilim rug that has deep history by applying the complex cultural symbols. As in this picture, the colorful Kilim rug is applied in half for wooden floor in living room. They apply the furniture of blue sofa with colorful patterned pillows facing to wooden table with beautiful flowers. In front side, there is also vintage fireplace included in neutral frame.

Now, besides applied as rugs, the Kilim rugs can also be found in the design of pillows. Yeah, it is kind of Kilim-inspired pillows that feature the Bohemian and eclectic nuance. The kilim pattern pillows are designed in brown and creamy color combination with special pattern. It can be applied as floor pillows or sofa pillow. In this case the pillows are placed in combining the big grey sofas and white single sofa. The other style can be got form the style of Kilim Ottomans and benches. It is applied in the ancient textile coffee table with Kilim texture.

Well, looking at the other designs and style sofa this Kilim textures will make us getting great inspiration. Yeah, actually there are still several applications of the kinds of rugs patterns that we can get. The other Kilim rugs designs wholesale that are in this article will lead the home interior decoration to be more eyes catching.

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