Kitchen Set Decor for Outstanding Unique Home Design

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This unique home with kitchen set decor designed by Jacob Bader is located in Germany. From outside we can see red color and unique design of this home really eye catching. Design of this home is really simple we can see not many ornament on it. Dominated with red color and some glass window and door, with little black frame.

Inside the home we can find simple design interior on it. Floor and ceiling have same color and simple furniture brings more modern looks. This unique home design interior is really cleans and brings roomy effect. This home has open floor kitchen, connect with dining room. The kitchen set decor is really simple too, dominated with white color and decorated with some mirror. Dining table is also simple, just surrounded by four chairs in stainless color.

Dining room is surrounding by wall glass, so we can see outside the home while eat. This massive wall glass also brings more sun light in to this room. Makes more illuminate for this room. This kitchen and dining room is quite simple and not decorate with anything. We can see beautiful garden from this room, maybe the beautiful garden is decorating item in to this room. We don’t need painting, we don’t need picture, and we don’t need beautiful lamp. All we need is beautiful garden.

The bedroom area is really nice. This bedroom is simple but still fun. Bedroom is located up stairs. Dominated with white color, still has a wall glass in there. The amazing is the room has glass ceiling too. We can see moonlight and stars light from this room. This bedroom has terrace connect with wall glass from the bedroom.  This terrace completed with table and chairs so we can enjoy your time in this terrace. We can go to the terrace by glass door in that room. This glass door is suitable a unique home design with kitchen set decor in this house.

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