LED Lamps Designs for Minimalist Wall of Private House

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LED Lamps Designs for Minimalist Wall of Private House

Designed by BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN, a private house in Bulgaria is applied by minimalist wall for wall decoration with LED lamps designs. Different from other private house, usually, wall tiles are applied as main wall decoration. Made from granite material or fabric material, the wall tiles are looked so compact to wall decoration along other minimalist interior furniture.

Now, I want to show you some bewitching pictures of wall decoration that is applied by BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN for his private house design. Indeed, he applies minimalist wall decor because main design for interior is minimalist. All interior furnishings, included wall design, ceiling design and floor design are designed by applying minimalist style. Hence, he decides to apply minimalist wall decoration. Actually, main material of which is also made from fabric material. However, since minimalist style is applied for interior, the fabric material is looked so classy. With embossed style for wall decor and LED lamps designs that are installed hidden on the wall, the interior design becomes so glamorous.

Indeed, interior furniture of this private house is also made by fabric material with glossy layered, even wooden curvy chairs for dining table is looked so compact. For main furniture in living room, suede ottoman with grey color is chosen along with its grey cushions. In addition, oval pouf that is placed at the entertainment room is also looked so suitable to minimalist wall of this private house. Dominated by grey color for interior wall, the widescreen television is looked so adorable for electronic devices in entertainment room.

Since oak wood is applied as main floor installation of this private house, glossy layered is also applied to the oak wood floor. With cone ceiling lamps are installed on a pounded ceiling design, interior decoration of the private house becomes so adorable. Hence, for future house design, minimalist wall decor ideas with the LED lamps designs are really suitable since it has bewitching outlook.

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