Lighten Wooden Walls for Perfect Living Place in Nature Home

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The house with beautiful design and lighten wooden walls, nature environment, and cozy atmosphere is the best place for living. The architects from Johnsen Schmaling Architects have finished their project by built a nexus house. This house is basically a nature home that using nature elements and surrounded by nature environment. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, this cozy house brings you in contemporary yet modern house.

Look at the picture! That contemporary house is the nexus house, the nature home in two levels. The exterior walls are using two materials. The first level is using grey bricks, and the second level is using and few parts of the first floor is using lighten wooden walls in light brown color. If we go to the side of the house we will find another level, the ground level, with the same exterior as the first floor. There is stones staircase that connecting the ground level with the first floor. In front of the house, there is an open terrace design that facing the nature view.

The ground level is the area for garage, support rooms, and open living hall. The first level is the main living area. There are living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen. This area is open-place without walls as the divider. The living room is designed with simple design with black sofas, oval-shape table from glass, and a unique wood chair. The kitchen and the dining room are using minimalist design with white color. The dining room is a small place with wooden table and some small chairs.

There is a unique fire place that placed near the dining room. The fire place is made from dark brown wood, but the fire spot is covered by safely glass. The second level is the private area. There are bedrooms, and bathrooms. They are using minimalist design with some contemporary stuff such as wood elements and stone elements. In general, this house with lighten wooden walls is perfect as the nature home for family.


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