Round Suede Ottoman in Gorgeous Chalet Decorating Ideas

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When you have long holiday on summer, you may apply latest chalet decorating of burton residence to your own chalet with a round suede ottoman. The most inspiring designer, Marmol Radziner is indeed also applying his latest design for suburbs chalet. So, for those who live in suburbs area, this design must be as gorgeous as yours.

Even more, surrounding by green lawn and green plants, exterior design of a suburbs chalet is so gorgeous with single floor plan for main design. Flat rooftop plan that is applied as main design is also making the suburbs chalet becomes so authentic. Grey color is chosen as main color for exterior wall design. Made by wooden material, the grey exterior wall is so compact to minimalist design of exterior part. Indeed, built in Swiss, the location of this suburbs chalet is so perfect since it is on a small hill with hilarious landscape over the blue sky. Hence, for a suburbs chalet, chalet decorating ideas with the round suede ottoman is perfect as main design for exterior.

With outdoor patio, square pool is so perfect to be built at the backyard. In addition, for a square pool with ceramic material as main design, minimalist furniture is so perfect for main exterior furniture. For outdoor patio, transparent sun blocks are perfectly covering the minimalist furniture. Moreover, red color is chosen as main color for the main exterior furniture of the outdoor patio.

Indeed, colorful design is also applied as main design for interior furniture of this suburbs chalet. Suede ottoman that is usually applied by soft color, such as grey, white or black is now design by using orange and pattern color. Hence, interior decoration of this suburbs chalet is so gorgeous with minimalist design for interior. Compiled in minimalist interior design with granite floor plan installation for interior decoration, colorful furniture is so adorable. Therefore, for suburbs area, chalet style decorating ideas which apply the round suede ottoman is perfect main decoration.

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