Small Home Deck for Modern Wooden Casual House Design

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Let’s see the performance of this casual house design with small home deck. This house has a name, Skycourt House project. It is designed by Keiji Ashizawa Design. The special house is designed with wooden material. This wooden material is kind of nice decoration. This house provides 2 bedroom models. They are kid bedroom and young bedroom. Do you want to see this home? Let’s see these pictures here. These are interior and exterior home pictures.

These are the pictures of this project. The house is designed in grey brick wall and super big glass transparent windows. Through these windows the people can see the outside view clearly. On the second floor, there is a small home deck which is protected by the wire railing guardrail. In the first floor, you can see the bedroom performance. The bedroom is designed with white bed and desk. There are some drawers on that deck. They stand on the white flooring. It is example of causal house plans.

Now, see the performance of the dining room. This is romantic dining room for a couple. There are two black chairs next to the white table. It is unique table with black legs. The table and chairs stand on the oak flooring. Above them is the unique lamp. See the living room then. This living room is simple but it is very nice. There is pattern sleeper sofa standing next to the glass wall. In front of the sofa is white couch. They are standing on the oak flooring.

Let’s see the performance of the cheerful kid bedroom. This bedroom is designed in large size. There are some furniture designs in this room. The colorful bed with colorful pillows stands in this room. There is small red chair stands next to the wall. The wall is colorful painting with tree wall decal. There is blue bookshelf in this room. This is one of 2 casual house plans with cheerful ideas of small home deck for cozy outdoor living place.

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