Solar House System for with Captivating Centrifugal Interior

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In Israel, Valdimir Khamr builds a futuristic design of solar house system with abstract interior design. Built in the attic of skyscraper building, this house is perfectly absorbing the solar power at day. Moreover, interior decoration of which is designed by applying centrifugal style so that whether interior design of this house is so minimalist, abstract outlook of this building becomes so captivating.

As a futuristic house, you have to know that rooftop plan of this house is designed by applying solar panels. Thus, for electricity power, this house is not installed by usual electricity system. All electricity power of this house is fulfilled by the solar energy. Indeed, solar house system of this house must be so unique because it has adorable appearance. For exterior design, flowerbeds are installed on a wooden fence so that instead of applying wooden fence for protection, it is also used as flowerbeds installation. With tropical flowers, such as sunflowers and orchids, the exterior design becomes so captivating.

For main interior design, colorful painting is applied since centrifugal interior is so suitable with this kind of interior design. In addition, the interior wall is applied by finest material for interior wall. Hence, as modern living house, interior wall of this building is so captivating compared to conventional house. Minimalist furniture that is applied on a single compartment is also fit other interior furnishings perfectly. As modern house, glass windows that are installed on wooden frames are also looked so captivating because it has compact composition.

With cylinder hanging lamps as main interior lamp installation, this modern house is so classy. Since this modern house is also built in the attic of skyscraper building, other skyscraper buildings are not looked as captivating as this house. Briefly, for modern house, this solar house system is the best idea with minimalist design for solar panel house.




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