Soundproof Thin Walls for New Ideas of Recycled Hotel

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There is a unique recycled hotel with soundproof thin walls near Constitution Square, Athens, Greece. This hotel was designed by Campana Brothers and named NEW hotel. This is not like small hotel or hotel that made from newspaper or anything, but this is a big hotel that comes up with new and great ideas. This hotel is a unique hotel because the concept of this hotel is about recycling things and makes new things from that recycled products.

In the hotel restaurant, we can see many piles from salvage woods in the recycled hotel with soundproof thin walls. The salvage woods that have different size, different color, different kinds of wood, are placed randomly and forming poles. But this randomly placing make the poles look artistic and unique. Not only the poles, are some of the restaurant’s chairs also made from old clothes that sewn covering the sofa chairs. Even though from the old clothes, the sofas look good in the elegant hotel restaurant.

This hotel provides 79 rooms, and each room is using soundproof walls so the guests can get privacy as much as they wished. We still can find some recycling stuff in the room such as the recycled curtains, some artistic decorations from salvage woods, etc. each room has its own design, but basically are contemporary room with artistic decorations. In one room, we can find a minimalist room with wooden elements and white furniture. But in the other room, we will find a luxury room in silver and gold color.

What makes this hotel looks cool is because the designers put their effort to give some artistic decorations in each room? In the contemporary living room, we can find an eye-catching art painting. In the bold pink bedroom, we can find artistic decorations in gold color. In the modern and minimalist bedroom, we can find the wall filled with artistic photos, etc. you can feel comfortable life in the recycled hotel with the soundproof thin walls while discovering new unique things in this hotel.


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