Wood Armchair Design for Timeless Furniture Idea for Living Room

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It’s no secret that furniture idea for living room with a wood armchair design is as important as the living room design style as well. And what’s better expressing our excitement but to talk about one amazing timeless furniture design. We all already know that the main living space typically have an L-shaped fluffy sofa or several single armchair to embraces more minimalist appearance. This next armchair design was a result of a combination between timeless look and exclusive appeal.

Look at this pictures that I have. Here is the Emma Armchair. Rocking classic and wood armchair design designed by creative Swedish French design studio. Emma armchair is totally suits for furniture idea for small living room. Guess that’s all that we need. In today’s interior design issue, there are several things that needs to be concerned and one of that is the limited space available. So everyone barely takes risk to by bigger sofa anymore.

The designer was successfully won the interior magazine Skona Hem’s Furniture of the Year Award 2013. It is not a surprise that this practical armchair won the award, it deserves it. As the jury explained, that Emma is a classic in modern garb is totally understood. Did I mention about this armchair is a craftsmanship? Well, this armchair is hand-sewn, well-tailored and preferably has darker color tones. Other than that, this armchair is combination between feminine and dapper visual appeal.

If you’re as interested as I am in this chair you can try to look online or maybe try to go to home depot such an IKEA. IKEA has been known for its numerous furniture selections with various design which equally as well as Emma Armchair. It is indeed an incredible design of furniture ideas for small spaces with the wood armchair design, just try to stick with the plan and not blown away by other furniture design which probably not suits with your interior spaces.

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