Wooden Studio Furniture for Hilarious Studio Home Design

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Designed by Hanraham Meyer Architects, Bridge Studio is the most hilarious studio in Pennsylvania with its wooden studio furniture. Applying white oak wood as main material for exterior and interior design, this studio is so authentic. In addition, with duplex floor plan and flat rooftop design, this studio is much more than classiest studio in Easton.

In fact, actually, this studio is built Easton, but the purpose of building this studio in Easton is actually as studio sample that will be exhibited in New York. Eventually, rectangular balcony at the upper floor is looked so hilarious embracing wooden studio furniture with ceiling lamps. As a studio that is built by applying wooden material, this studio really embossing authentic appearance since it is built in green field surrounded by huge trees. In addition, glass windows that are installed on aluminum frames are also embossing classy exterior design. Indeed, aluminum material that is also used as main material for outdoor railing is perfectly matching to minimalist exterior design of this studio.

Since this studio is built in square design, interior of this studio is also applied by rustic limestone that is designed in square design. Moreover, interior glass panels that are installed covering main living room is so compact with square design for interior. Ceiling plan at lower floor of this studio is also applied by pounded material that is cement with wooden bars lifting the upper floor installation. With wooden material applied as main material for exterior wall, indeed, this studio is looked so compact to open spaces that are fulfilled by subtropical woods.

Different from exterior design, white oak wood is not applied as main interior floor installation. This studio is applied by cedar wood for interior floor plan. The fact is, cedar wood is making interior of a house becomes warmer rather than using white oak floor. Hence, with square fireplace made from rustic stone, wooden equipment rack for wooden studio furniture in suburbs living space is so hilarious.

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