Apartment Flats Interior with Navy Blue and Orange Accent

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If you’re living in an apartment, then you’ll love this apartment flats interior. Today we’re going to talk about one of the best apartment interior located on the top off a modern building in Warsaw, Poland. Yes, it is a penthouse apartment. Penthouse apartment interior is about combining elegant, bit more of formality yet still offers the warmth of friendly living space. Though each penthouse definitely has different concept, maybe unique and playful one or anything else but we’re going to talk about typical penthouse interior.

Look at these pictures that I have here. This is a penthouse with total measure 180 square meter with contemporary look and high tech amenities. By looking at these pictures we already blown away, not to mention the fact that this penthouse has the privileges of panoramic views from the Vistula River, the National Stadium, the Old Town and the University of Warsaw Library which totally cool. Okay, now let’s get back to the apartment flats interior.

This penthouse dominated by luxurious neutral color scheme combines with earth tone color palette, navy blue and orange accent. By embracing modern style’s characteristic, each section has clear lines and practical arrangement. Look at the main living space picture, where living room, dining room and kitchen area are one unitary spot. Even though three social areas gathered together as one in one typical small crib, the apartment barely has obstacles.

The elegance earth color scheme in this main living space is naturally beautiful. For example, in the kitchen we can see custom built in cabinet and countertops were intentionally selected with similar tones, while orange accent from casual dining chairs stands out amazingly contrasted with the dark tones countertops. Meanwhile, the living room has brighter look with off-white sofa and television as the main focal point. If you already noticed, in every apartment flats interior you would find floor to ceiling curtains either its transparent or anything which basically create more elegance mood for the interior.

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