Avoid Alzheimer Disease with These Simple Tips

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So, are there really useful things to do in order to avoid Alzheimer disease? Here we compiled some applicable tips for you.


  1. Say no to “bad” fats

The more saturated fat someone ate, the higher risk they can get to have Alzheimer’s. Saturated fat (mostly from animal sources) intensely increases Alzheimer’s risk. Furthermore, trans fats, or partially hydrogenated oils, also have the same effect. It can be seen like this; the more “bad” fat you consume and the higher the cholesterol, the more microscopic plaques you have in brain. That seem to be what affects the brain in Alzheimer’s case.

It is great if you could avoid bacons, hot dogs, and other bad fats food in the middle of life, for your brain.


  1. No aluminum, iron and copper

Metals such as aluminum, iron and copper are found in the brain of someone died with Alzheimer’s disease. The iron in the food you eat can oxidize. Although you still need small amounts of copper in your body to create enzymes; but it also corrodes just as a dime does, which creates free radicals. People who have a lot of iron and copper in body have more chances to develop dementia disease. Moreover, with aluminum in the drinking water, they are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, you have to minimize the amount of aluminum, iron, and copper in your diet.


  1. Sweat Out

Exercise makes your heart pumping in a good way. In doing this, you can get oxygen and nutrients for the brain and more sweat out. Experts have clearly proven that the more you exercise, the more advantage you get for your brain. In addition, age-related shrinking brain parts involved in memory can be regenerated by exercise.


  1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep makes the brain integrate memories effectively. When you are sleeping in the first part of the night, your brain can integrate words and facts. Meanwhile, during second part of the night, brain integrates emotions and also physical skills like swimming. That’s why if you don’t get enough sleep, you may not memorize the educational experiences you had during the day. So, by enough sleep, you will have better memory and lower the risk of having Alzheimer.


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