Beautiful Entrance Room for Minimalist Design of the Connected Houses

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The house that has unique shape is usually designed as the connected houses with beautiful entrance room. For example, when there are four areas in one house, then the architectures are using connection design to make those four areas as the one house. Pedro Domigos has connected three house areas in House of Agostos which is located in Santa Barbara-de-Nexe, Faro, Portugal. This house represented the unique house in minimalist design.

From the picture we can see there are three areas in the connected houses in white exterior design. The three areas are north area, west area, and pre-existing area. There is a beautiful entrance room that located between the pre-existing area and the north-south areas. The pre-existing area is the biggest area that contains bedrooms and bathrooms. This area is in the side of the house and it has long box shape.

The north area and western area are actually close to each other, separated only by a wall. The north area is contains kitchen and dining room, while the west area is the living room area. Once you come into the house, you will find it amazing because you can see other rooms even you are in the different area. This is happened because the interior walls in the house are using glass walls that let the owners seeing each other.

This house is using white color as the main color in its minimalist design. From floors to ceilings all are in white color. Even the furniture in the living room such as sofas and book shelves are painted with white color. There is an interesting place in this house. There is a tree that planted in the part of the house between the pre-existing area and north-south areas. This house is outstanding because its white color and it is located in the middle of land that filled with big trees. Even though this house is in the tropical regions, the trees can make the air feel fresh and give beautiful scenery. The connected houses in white color which applies the beautiful entrance room are like oasis in the middle of desert.

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