Beautiful Large Balcony for Awesome Contemporary Building Plans

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Natural building concept will look more awesome by applying contemporary building plans that are designed modernly and comfortably with the beautiful large balcony. This house concept is developed well by LRS Architects. Natural green grass decoration is applied well to design house yard so it will look fresher in its appearance. It is applied perfectly to decorate villa project located in Genolier.

Front side of villa building had been decorated well by combining among wooden, concrete and glass decoration style which all of them are combined elegantly and exclusively so modern and stylish villa building can be created well in this project.  Concrete building construction is applied to design villa foundation while glass and wooden construction had been combined to design second floor of villa building in this project. Exterior wooden decoration applied uses contemporary woodworking plans with the beautiful large balcony that look more awesome.

First floor of this building is made in an open building design with concrete building construction. The large balcony style with long shape is also designed in a top floor so it will make stylish exterior design in the top floor. Design of exterior wall in the top floor is made fully by applying glass decoration that uses roof shape style to design the exterior wall shape. Dark gray roof color is used perfectly to design roof building in this project so it will look more exotic.

Simple and artistic design is also applied to design and decorate back side of house building in this project. It is created by applying simple balcony style that is combined with exterior wooden material construction in back building side. Glass material construction is also used perfectly to decorate wall in back building side so it will look more elegant. Design of wall applied to decorate wall in back building side also applies modern woodworking plans with the beautiful large balcony that look more stylish.


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