Bike Storage Garage for Adding Marvelous Interior Decor

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We believe that the bikers often encounters problem regarding bike storage garage when they live in a small living space, including a small apartment. If you are one of them, you do not have to worry anymore. Have you ever wondered that your bike may serve as a great decor for your interior? Let’s check it out!

Involve no fuss in adding the storage to your small apartment by using the bike rack, such as the Topeak B2 Bike Stand. Without leaving any hole in your apartment wall, this bike rack would be the great bike storage garage. Just take a look at this small apartment that may benefit the wall decor easily and instantly by storing the bikes on the bike rack. Such a perk of living in an apartment, isn’t it? You do not have to go to the garage to get your bike prepared since you will only grab it from the rack instantly.

Make the storage solution for your bike easily by using this creative work of WeAreChrome. Entitled as FIXA multi-functional wood bike rack, this rack spares a space enough for you to hang your bike while providing enough surfaces as additional storage space. This small yet multifunctional furniture would be a great addition especially to your small living space.

Looking ultra-chic with a small dose of retro look, this open living room benefits another quirky decor provided by the hanging bike. The mounted rack is installed to the wood column, allowing the bike to be stored vertically. Not only functional, this storage solution celebrates the extraordinary and eye-catchy decor from the bike, matching the cool interior design perfectly.

This cool Postfossil work showcases a smart storage solution, not only for your bike but also for your shoes. Incorporating a spacious room enough for a bike with a rack for the shoes, or any other items you’d like to store, making this Postfossil storage system as a bike storage garage that looks perfect for your mud room.

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