Champagne Flute Decorations for Lovely and Romantic DIY Decor

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Valentine’s Day coming, and we have some cool DIY decor ideas with champagne flute decorations that will be a great decoration to build the romantic feeling throughout each room. These ideas would be great for your Valentine’s Day party as well, by spreading the lovely dove atmosphere. Other great news is the fact that these decor ideas will cost you less expensive and are easy to do!

Do you have the beautiful champagne flute? If you still have any from last month’s NYE party, you can reuse them for your DIY decor projects with the champagne flute decorations. You can choose ones either from plastic or metal and fill the champagne flutes with metallic shred for festive feeling. Do not forget about the lovely heart shaped garnish, which you can add by using the sweet gummy heart candy or simply using a heart shaped paper painted in bright red. The last touch is a touching and romantic message for your loved one.

This marble glitter Valentine would be a great piece in your bedroom, wouldn’t it? It is all about love; heart shaped frame filled with heart shaped paper with marble pattern where a glittery and glimmering heart is seen. See how the bright red splash of the frame contrasts the marble-ish paper, creating a bit sense of luxury in your room. The glittery heart on the center looks really sexy in shiny silver.

Valentine’s Day is the day when the cupids are working undoubtedly hard releasing the arrow. Why don’t you help to make their job a bit easier while making your room looks more fascinating? Look at this charming arrow craft made of bamboo skewer decorated with washy tape and a beautiful feather. Do not forget that this arrow wouldn’t hurt you. Instead, it will help you finding your love with its cute heart shaped arrowhead. Undoubtedly, these DIY projects for room decor with the champagne flute decorations will accentuate the main theme of any Valentine’s Day: love is in the air!

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