Contemporary House Designs for Minimalist Home

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When we are bored with the common house designs, the unusual shape of contemporary house designs is a unique idea for our home. The unusual shape is the new breakthrough in modern house designs. Basically, the unusual shape house does not have a fix pattern on its design like the other modern houses. The house with unusual shape is designed with complicated architecture. Nevertheless, when you design your own unusual shape house, you will have a unique house and becomes the eye catching for people when they pass your home. The unusual shape house is usually made for the uphill area.

You can make your contemporary unusual shape house that approaches the parallelogram shape. You can design this kind of contemporary house style in minimalist creation. The simple exterior design can be made by using the brown wooden wall-mounted for the whole house to make an ecological design with the addition of some simple windows in every side. The hidden entrance door under the parallelogram shape design for the first floor makes your home look raised above the street. To strengthen the ecological aspect, you can design a ventilation system that can recover the heat. At the behind, you can design it for your relaxation area that is heading toward the beautiful and green uphill.

For the interior, you can synchronize the wall with the same wooden walls. At the first floor, you can use it for the living room and some bedrooms. To support the exterior design that is made from the wooden wall, you can use the wooden furniture. Or another option, you can use some minimalist and unique modern furniture. For the second floor that is raised above the street, you can use it for the kitchen area with the minimalist and futuristic colored furniture. The bathroom can be designed in simple decoration also by using the simple white glossy sink and bathtub. For the rooftop, you can make the window as the ventilation and natural light.

The unusual design for your home makes your home look very unique and different from the other houses around your area. The wooden wall-mounted creates an ecological aspect that makes people know that you are trying to care towards your environment. The wooden wall also becomes synchronize with your surrounding area that is consisting of the green area. It is minimalist design both for the exterior and also the interior. The parallelogram design is one kind of the contemporary home design with the minimalist concept that can be applied for you to make you have an unusual home.

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