Contemporary House Plans with Beach House Concept

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Summer is for contemporary house plans at the seaside, sweaty body and orange juices. For me, personally, the most attractive thing during summer is the beach house. We know already there is lots of amazing beach house with numerous design style. Yet best of all, many of beach houses particularly in contemporary style has amazing features that you may not want to miss.

Here I have some pictures of a beach house called The Suburban Beach House located in Perth, Australia. This residential project has clean visual appeal and reflects deep connection with the nature and that shows by the natural limestone outcrop which becomes a refreshing garden terrain at the same time. This residence offers amazing first impression already, not to mention the interior design with contemporary house plans and metallic pattern of thin pillars that adds a whole lot different impression, in a great way.

The designers, David Barr and Rose Brewin was originally built this residential project to provide unconventional family living space with such unique features such as lifted above the ground, no front door, no garage, no front fence and no brick. Being located in suburban area doesn’t make this house agreed on any compromise with typical beach house design. Furthermore, the imposing exterior design with all white painted wood makes beautifully outstanding in the middle suburban area.

Even though the metallic thin pillars represents strong and rigid look for the exterior visual, the interior shows nothing but warm and homey ambience. Dominated by neutral color scheme, wooden elements in walls and floor, and also showered with natural sunlight by extravagant use of glass walls makes the interior brighter and inviting as ever. The interior space is rather small yet each section doesn’t feel cramped at all. Designed in two structures family home with contemporary house plans and lots of wood elements, this residence is effortless great.



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