Elegant Wooden Curtain Rods

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There are a number of stylish and really exceptional wood curtain rod designs accessible now. Most of the main high street shops have a big group of more affordable versions which are generally imported in the far east. You get everything you pay for as the say. The substances used are typically poor and plastic wood that can begin to show signals of wear fairly fast.

The smaller independent shops make better quality sticks. You’ll getting an excellent item which is lasting and pleasant on the eye although the price is more. It’s also more satisfying to understand you’ve got a bespoke stick that someone has taken time . Popular selections are created from oak, ash and maple wood. Fitting the bands is an excellent method to finish the general bundle.


Wooden finials will be the most complex part, and just how they are going to appear can be custom ordered by also you. Gifted craftsmen can make interesting creations, and wood is not difficult to work with. The effects could be dramatic, and so are worth the cost. If you decide on this path subsequently make an effort to get a person who’s advocated, or at the very least request to view a few of their creations that are previous. Many specialists that are on-line have pictures and catalogues to browse through, making this procedure more easy, and there typically customer testimonials that emphasize their work. Simply remember that any online retailer isn’t likely to put up any poor reviews of the products, it might not be very beneficial to company would it?

Looking after any wooden curtain rods is not quite difficult. You always have the option to try and fix them yourself, should they get damaged. Routine varnishing keep them looking the part too and will help them survive longer. It’s also potential to alter the finials, the online specialists are just screwed on and you’ll be able to take them off right away. Altering the finials is on their own, and an instant method to generate a fresh appearance they do not cost so much.


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