Glass Panels in Walls for Adorable Contemporary Residence Interior

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Hillside Modern that is built in Washington is applied by contemporary interior with glass panels in walls for main interior decoration. With square design for exterior and concrete material is applied as main exterior wall, exterior decoration of this private residence is so adorable. In addition, glass panels that are installed as additional exterior wall embraces classy exterior decoration. Indeed, glass panels are looked so adorable since rooftop design of this private residence is applied by plain rooftop design.

As a modern residence, this private residence is built in duplex floor plan with glass panels in walls. However, this private residence also has single floor plan or the front and rear parts. Hence, actually, this private residence is built by duplex floor design for main building at the central house. Since concrete material is applied by exterior design, plain color is applied so that it is looked so classy with ceiling lamps installed as main exterior lamp. However, for interior wall of this private residence, Contemporary Interior Paint is applied so that it is looked so adorable. Peach orange is chosen as main color embracing adorable outlook of minimalist furniture. Sliding glass doors that are installed as main entrance is in fact looked so classy embossing natural nuance from outside.

For main interior furniture, solid color is the best option since it is looked so adorable with soft color of interior wall. Some artistic paintings that are installed on the peach orange wall are also looked so sparkling since LED lamps are installed beneath it. White oak wood that is installed as main floor plan is looked so compact since interior furniture of which has solid color. At the kitchen, however, peach green is chosen as main color for backsplash because kitchen furniture is applied by modern furnishings.

With suede chairs are installed in aluminum frame, the square glossy countertop of kitchen is sink is the most adorable furniture in the kitchen. Some blue cabinets that are installed as additional furniture at the kitchen are looked so compact to main interior wall color. Indeed, some compartments that are installed by wooden wall decoration are so perfect with glass panels in walls for main decoration.

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