Grey Flooring Tile for Modern House Remodel Design Models

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The performance of Black on White House project shows house remodel design with grey flooring tile. This house is designed by Parasite Studio, one of famous architects in the world. We will give you the exterior and interior pictures. These pictures are very helpful for increasing your inspiration to increase the home performance. This home applies modern ideas. There are modern rooms. You can get modern rooms reference here.

See these pictures here. This house is designed grey and white wall. There is grey fence in front of the house. There is paved road driveway in front of the house. Let’s see the performance of the terrace. The terrace is designed with nice furniture designs. They are black chair and white chairs. In the middle of these chairs is the black table. They stand on the grey flooring tile. You can enjoy the outside view which can be seen by having seat in these chairs. It is modern house remodel design ideas in terrace.

Now, see the performance of the living room. There are white sofa with grey pillows and white bookshelf. On the bookshelf, there is television screen. You can enjoy television programs in this sofa. They stand on the oak flooring. This room is designed in white wall and white ceiling. See the performance of the kitchen. This kitchen is designed next to the dining table. There is white cabinet with white countertop. Next to cabinet are green chairs and white chairs in the right and left sides of the table. Above them is lamp with red lampshade.

Let’s see the bathroom then. The white shelf adheres on the wall. Above the shelf are the mirror and the faucet. Next to them is the shower walk in way. It is created with glass door. The wall is designed with tile glass wall. This bathroom shows that home design decorating and remodeling ideas with the grey flooring tile is really wonderful for you.

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