Huge Wall Painting for Elegant Duplex Penthouse Decoration

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Huge Wall Painting for Elegant Duplex Penthouse Decoration

At this point, just a simple penthouse is sometimes not enough and that’s why we need duplex penthouse which is decorated with huge wall painting. We really just have to admit that penthouse interior is one of the best, the most interesting and fascinating of all interior design. It is not about particular style or exclusive furniture, but it is about combining exclusive living space and homey ambience in one living space, which is quite tricky.

Here I have some pictures of modern duplex penthouse with the huge wall painting in top three levels of the famous London Landmark, St Pancras Penthouse Apartment. This penthouse offers warm and friendly environment though it needs to have major renovation at that time. The designer, TG Studio redesigned all over again and removed everything possible except staircase, balustrading and partitioning to get a fresh whole new looks.

This penthouse apartment accommodates superb plan with three levels structure. In the first level we can see an open plan and generous sized social area, while on the other hand the second and top level offers something more intimate and dedicated for family area. In the first level we can see dining area, living room and kitchen as one unitary spot dominated by bright white color scheme with dark blue accent. You can see the dark blue accent in the dining area, which is shown by the dining chairs and the fireplace frame color. There is a chandelier in modern twist and the huge wall painting that looks like done by an illustrator decorated the dining section.

An elegant ambience spread all over this floor by all of the furniture selection, various exclusive seating items yet the rustic wood tiles floor and patterned decoration in the living area creates great balance after all. On the second level, you can also found smaller social area includes living room and play corner with purple pool table. This penthouse embraces balance in interior design in special way. You can see it from the rustic wood beaming ceiling and glass panels blends together to support the entire visual appeal. This lively and modern interior style with the huge wall painting suits perfectly for penthouse design with dynamic and young inhabitants.

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