Modern Residence in Some Forest in Argentine

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Well, in this very chance, you are about to find an article discussing a modern residence in Buenos Aires, Argentine. You can find this project in the forest of Mar Azul, Villa Gessel. This is a project by BAK Architects applying natural theme. This article has some pictures about such house. You just need to observe them. The descriptions are available that can help you.

The house’s facade has alluring exterior design with dark brown wood as some paneling applied combined with bright wooden paneling and also some glass panels. From this angle, you can see that the house here applies floating style. Seemingly there is a garage available there. Alright, the next image is about the back part of the house’s building. You see that the paneling applies concrete paneling with glass panels as well. The shape of the building’s part here looks alluring. People should be excited when they observe this house from closer angle. Find also modern residence designs.

Alright the following is about another outdoor part of the house. Here you can find a large glass panel available here. You see that there is wooden patio available as part of the house design. You see there is some floating design on some building’s part. Well, the next image is about another look of another house’s exterior part. Here you can notice the large glass panel a bit clearer. From this angle, you can see some area of the room inside is seen there.

The fifth one is about some angle of the house. It is another look of the house. There is a large brown panel applied on some part of the house there. Well, the last one is about an image of the large brown panel seen from a bit closer angle. Find out modern house designs as well later on.

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