Open Terrace Ideas for Environmental Life Style of Three Level House

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There is a three level house that has environmental concept with open terrace ideas. The GrupoMM has designed contemporary home called Casa Canada in Santa Cruz Atizapan, State of Mexico, Mexico. This house has a concept of a house in the middle of the forest. So, this house is surrounded by many big trees and grass land. The exterior design is a white building design to make the house matched with the nature environment.

Look at the picture! The white color of the house makes this three level house in contemporary design didn’t looks eye-catching. Besides white color, some part of the building also using contemporary color such as grey and natural stones color. There are some small hills in the back yard of the house. And in the front part of the house, there is an open terrace ideas with big sofas that facing the spacious front yard.

Even though the exterior design is using contemporary design, but the interior design is using luxury concept. The ceilings in this house are using high ceilings. The staircase was designed in modern concept by using glass walls for the staircase. The lightning system is using ceiling lamps with unique and modern design in rectangular shape. The first floor is the main living room that contains living room, dining room, and kitchen. The second floor is the family area that contains bedrooms, bathrooms, and family room. And the third floor is the main bedroom and bathroom.

The luxury concept in this house can be seen from the furniture. The sofas in the living room and other rooms are big sofas in light colors such as light brown, grey, and white. The design in each rooms also using modern and luxury concept, but they didn’t look “too much” because of the contemporary design by using light and calm colors. The luxury living in the three level house with the open terrace ideas can be also means a simple living in the forest house.



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