Outdoor Balcony Set for Lavish Mill Design Idea

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The Berwyn Mill, located at the Smashul River really has beautiful Mill Design for both exterior with the outdoor balcony set and interior design. For its exterior, wooden outdoor railing is installed on rustic stones that are used as main foundation. While, rustic stones are actually also used for interior, but combination of wooden material makes minimalist furniture is looked so classy.

Now, I want to show you some lavish pictures of this mill house that is designed by The Madess Architecten. Rustic stones that are used as main foundation are indeed looked so compact to be used as main exterior wall. With classy nuance of soft color that is embossed by rustic stones, exterior design of the mill house becomes so fascinating. With triangle rooftop design, the Mill Design Center becomes the most symmetric mill house ever. Indeed, the rooftop design is made from concrete material. Added by outdoor balcony set at the upper floor, the exterior design of mill house is the most lavish house in suburbs.

For main interior design, white color is dominating because it is applied for both ceiling and wall design. With white color applied for wall design, wooden frame for glass panel installation really embosses natural nuance. In addition, black wooden bars on ceiling also contrast the minimalist interior design. Since then, interior design of this mill house is the warmest and coolest design for interior in suburbs. With minimalist furniture for interior decoration, indeed, this mill house is so complete.

This mill house is also so unique because, inner part of which is designed completely different to outer part. The inner part is designed by concrete material or fabric material. The outer part is designed by stone material or glass material. Meanwhile, still, the middle part is designed by wooden material. These three combinations for main material are so compact to mill design style with the outdoor balcony set of suburbs house in Cleveland.

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