Rooftop Wood Tiles for Open Living Space Concept

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There is a house that using open space concept in grey house with rooftop wood tiles called the 24 House. This house is designed by Dane Design Australia with contemporary design as the basic design. Located in Australia, this two level house is offering the new concept of open –space house in this house.

The picture shows you the 24 House looks from the front view point. We can clearly see the contemporary design in the grey house by the grey color and the materials that built the house. This house was built from pallet and marble stones in grey color. The wide grass yard in front of the house make the house looks natural and cozy. Not only in the front yard, in the back yard, have you also found the green grass land. If you look at the top of this house, you will find rooftop wood tiles that look like a rectangular umbrella for this house. The designers were design this rooftop to protect the house from any season and temperature.

This house is dividing into two levels. The first level is the main living area. The living room, kitchen, dining room, and other public rooms are in here. In this level, the designers using transparent glass windows that surrounding the house. This house has beautiful nature view outside and nice view from the pool in the back side of the house, so the designers let the owners enjoy the sceneries.

You will find a lot of art paintings in the wide living room, modern furniture in the kitchen, and contemporary atmosphere in the dining room. The second floor is protected by grey walls to keep some privacy from the outside. This level is contains bedroom and bathroom. These two rooms are using contemporary design such as wooden chairs, light bulbs, white walls and floors, and other decorations. You can find cozy atmosphere in the grey house with rooftop wood tiles in this level.


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