Small Wooden Nightstands for Eclectic Vintage Bedroom

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Dealing to the design of bedroom with vintage bedroom decoration with small wooden nightstands will make us aware and try to cover the bedroom ideas to decorate the bedrooms in some vintages. It will lead the nuance to be more eclectic. The ideas approaching in this article are related to the furniture decoration of 1970s and apply the use of brass of some things. The vintage in this case is designed meeting the modern or contemporary decoration.

Now, related to the situation, look at the pictures that are included in this article. The vintage bedroom decorating ideas can be gained in some various ways. The first style is the vintage that meets mid-century modern ideas. In this case the example is the existence of light purple bed with floral pattern on the brown floor and white wall background. The bed is combined with the blue Adrian Pearsall Lounge Chair and also two wooden mid-century modern new nightstands. The other accessories that can be applied in the bedroom are the brass pillars of lamp that are in golden color placed on the small wooden nightstands.

The other concept related to the ideas is the existence of 1970s bedroom ideas. Yeah, it will be said as vintage decoration. The style comes with the welcoming tones included olive green, orange, yellow, and brown. As here, they make the bedroom in those kinds of colors and combine it with wooden cupboard with silvery brass stand lamp with creamy lampshade. The existence of 1970s Rotunda Chaise Lounge in a bedroom will also increase the vintage nuance as it is designed in vintage brown color.

There are several designs and details that are included in this article. We can gain more about the ideas of vintage bedroom right here. The concept of designing vintage bedroom can be related to the furniture and decoration applied. So, go for looking at vintage style bedroom decorating idea with the small wooden nightstands in order to guide us in getting more inspiring ideas.

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