Sumur Gumuling, an Underground Mosque in Kraton Golden Era

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Only some people know that the building down there which is named Sumur Guluming was a usable mosque in the golden era of Kraton Yogyakarta. The words “Sumur Gumuling” mean a well that is surrounded by an Islamic congregation. The leader of the prayer does not need a speaker since the circular construction cause echoes that make his voice heard louder.

To get there you have to pass the gate. Long time ago, Sumur Gumuling had two gates. Both were the edge of the tunnel leading you to the well. These days the west gate is just a remnant, and the tunnel has fallen so that it is impossible to go through it, while the east gate is still in a good condition and everybody can pass through it.

Sumur Gumuling is a mosque that keeps so many architectural philosophies. The main gate is only one, so that you have to come and go through that way out. It reflects that human beings are created from a soil and will be back into the same form. The referred well (sumur) lies in the middle of the building surrounding it. There are four sub stairs above it that direct to the center forming a small stage and another top stair leads to the second floor. The five stairs signifies the Five Islamic Principles. The highest stairs signifies that as a Moslem if you can afford to go on hajj so it becomes an obligatory for you. On the second floor you can find four windows that show symbolize wind directions.

Besides being used as a tourism object, Sumur Gumuling is frequently used for photography and movie making. So why do not this object become one of your priorities to visit?

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