Transparent Curtain Fabric for Marvelous Apartment Design

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Again, Studio 1408 is finally designing latest apartment design with transparent curtain fabric for Z apartment in Romania. Located between huge skyscraper buildings, Z apartment is looked so marvelous because it has classy interior. Applied by glass panels for exterior wall is indeed also making this Z apartment becomes more adorable.

Here, I want to show you some marvelous pictures of interior design in this Z apartment. White color that is chosen as main color for interior wall is indeed so compact to minimalist furniture for interior. Cedar wood that is installed as main interior floor is also embossing natural nuance for this Z apartment. With granite stone as wall decoration, in living room, square fireplace is so compact to be seen from view nook from suede sofa. Indeed, apartment interior design with the transparent curtain fabric of Z apartment is so compact because authentic material is applied for main cover of cedar wood floor. Installing air conditioner is really making this apartment becomes the most adorable one.

For main ceiling lamp installation, ceiling lamps are installed along with square frame so that this ceiling lamp is looked so marvelous. Transparent curtain that is installed as main window shutter for this apartment is also looked so adorable embracing natural nuance of suburbs area nuance. In fact, this apartment is built in urban area around huge skyscraper buildings in Romania. For main bedroom, transparent curtain and authentic rug are also applying as interior decoration. With suede platform under silk bedcover, bedroom interior decoration is totally marvelous and incredible. Indeed, square wooden table that is applied on working place is also so classy because suede-working chairs are placed as main furniture.

Rectangular wall mirror that is installed above bathroom sink is also embossing classy nuance. Porcelain glass countertop that is installed covering wooden bathroom cabinet is also looked so compact to marble floor installation. Indeed, wooden floor is not suitable to be applied for bathroom floor installation. Hence, for duplex studio, apartment design images with the transparent curtain fabric can be so adorable interior decoration.

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