Wall Panels Wood for Majestic Building of Multi-Function House

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The house with many functions, the multi-function house with wall panels wood, was built in Stuffgart, Germany. This modern house was designed by Alexander Brenner Architekten and called Strauss Residence. This house was designed to be a residence for all generations of family with many functions not just as a house. Since the house has many function, the architects built majestic building in order to provide spacious place in each function.

From the picture we can see the white color in the multi-function house with the wall panels wood surrounded by green scenery. This house didn’t use many glass windows to keep the privacy of the owners. The house also has a gate in grey color, and there is stones paths that leading the guests from the gate into the house. In the visible eyes, the house is two-story house. But actually, this house has a ground under the first floor.

The ground floor is a garage that facing the road. The south side of the ground floor is used as an office. The first and second floors are used as the main living place for a family of four people. There is a small part of the house in the second floor that used as grandparents’ house. The design of this house is using modern design in white color. The furniture is also mainly using white color. Since the house has many functions, the designers didn’t put many decorations to keep each part of the house look spacious.

Like the regular house, this house also has some public places such as garden, pool, etc. In the west side of the house, in the yard, there is a garden with swimming pool. Family can gather here and talking each other while the children are having fun in the swimming pool. In the east side of the house, in the yard, there is also a garden but it was protected by wall panels to keep the privacy. All spacious places in the multi-function house with the wall panels wood are the main concept of this majestic house.


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