White Floor Tile for Stunning Minimalist Residence

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Recently minimalist residence with white floor tile becomes popular. You can bring minimalist concept in to your home too. For your minimalist design ideas, you can see this minimalist home designed by MDS architectural studios in Japan.  As we all know, minimalist design is related with modern looks, and commonly appears in black, white, or grey color. This minimalist home is has same standard too. We can see grey color dominated front area of this home. This home has simple design too, just like box shape. Minim ornament, but we find some plant on black fence. Wooden parking door is also brings some nature looks but still minimalist.

Inside this room, we can see all the rooms are dominated with grey color. White floor tile and white ceiling brings cleans looks, and very minimalist atmosphere. Roomy effect comes with simple ornament. We can see minimalist residence decoration is still around simple furniture and some black and white picture.  Float black stepladder is really nice design on this home. This float black stepladder create modern and futuristic atmosphere in to this home.

Living room has high ceiling and dominated with grey color too.  Black sofas and grey cushions bring comfort feel with modern atmosphere at once. This living room area also connected with outdoor area. Living room and outdoor space just separated with massive glass. The advantage of massive window glass is always bringing enough sun light in to the house. Enough sun light is also means we can save energy and more eco-friendly. It can also become force to against global warming.

That is one example of minimalist resident in Tokyo Japan. We can also find minimalist residence in big city in every country. Jakarta as capital city of Indonesia also has many minimalist residences. We can find minimalist residence Jakarta with white floor tile and make it as your inspiration design too.


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