White Furniture Set for Amazing Luxury Villas Design

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This is one of luxury villas with white furniture set and stunning panoramic views in Puerto Andraxt, Macorja. This villa designed by Alberto Rubio in 1996 and renovated in 2008.  This villa has modern design and surrounding with beautiful oceans you can imagine how beautiful it is. This villa dominated with white color, and some wooden color for bring nature atmosphere on it. There are many open space and massive glass window in this villa. This open space brings more sun light in to this room and also bring cleans air from oceans inside this villas.

We can stay in luxury villa Bali with white furniture set and see beautiful panoramic views on it, but in this villa designed by Alberto Rubio we can also see amazing oceans views. This villa dominated with white color in the architecture and the furniture. In behind this villa, we can find outdoor pool face the oceans views. Imagine you swimming at there and enjoy amazing oceans views, it can be a spectacular experience.  Some umbrella and white bar in pool area can be a favorite spot for enjoying the views.

Lobby area in this villa is also dominated in white furniture and surrounded by massive wall glass. We can see beautiful pool and also oceans from lobby area. Modern design white sofas with fluffy white carpet in lobby area blend with nature atmosphere from outside panoramic views. It is really beautiful design, blend modern looks with nature atmosphere in to this villa. We can also find very modern design kitchen in this villa. This kitchen just dominated with white color from floor until the ceiling.  Stainless bar, stainless chairs and stainless refrigerator bring more modern looks in to this kitchen.

We always can find nature atmosphere in every part of this villas.  Like coral part in bathroom area. We can find really massive bathroom in this villa connected with outdoors and nature views. Likes bath up which is face direct to the oceans views, so we can see beautiful ocean while take a bath.  With this bathroom we feel like has private oceans.  If you searching other private room in other country, you can find it by search luxury villa in Bali with white furniture set and private pool, Bali also had beautiful panoramic views.


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