Wood Structure Kits for Modern and Unique Wooden House Architecture

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What the first thought that come to your mind when people talking about the wooden house with wood structure kits? Many people think that this kind of house has of old design and contemporary concept. But, Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor has design Casa G house in Iceland that using wood as the main material of the house. The architects built a modern and unique style of the wooden home.

That picture shows you the shape and the unique structure of the Casa G house. This is far from your imagination, right? This house is basically has wood structure kits for walls and ceilings. They use different brown colors in each side of the wood walls. The grey stones garden around this house has the same grey color for the wooden house concept with the interior design. The interior design is mainly using grey color for floors, staircase, and furniture. The ceilings are using white color, while the walls are using wooden walls in some parts and white walls for other parts of the house.

This house is divided into two areas. The first area is the public area in the first floor, and the second area is the private area in the second floor. The first floor is contains living room, kitchen, and dining room in one big area. There are no walls in the first floor, so each room in this floor looks spacious. The second floor has walls and keeps the privacy life of the owners. This floor contains bed rooms and bath rooms,

This majestic house is surrounded by amazing environment. In the south we can see the sea and island view, in the north we can see the Mountain View, in the east we can see the glacier view, and in the west we can enjoy the river and canyon view. We can relax when we live and stay in the wooden house with wood structure kits for our small or big family.

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