Wooden Floor Polish for Beautiful Victorian House Architecture

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Luis Trevino architects has renovated a Victorian house with the wooden floor polish in England, we can see this design for your inspiration. For people who not really like modern design, this Victorian house can be alternative choice. In this Victorian design we will feel homey and comfort. Luis Trevino renovated this Victorian house and brings some modern looks in to it. Modern design is feels in several rooms, but Luis Trevino still keep traditional looks in living room.

In living room we can see traditional looks in sofas and the fireplace, but we can also find little modern looks in table design. Potted plant in living rooms brings nature atmosphere inside the home, blend together with traditional looks. White wall and wooden floor polish are really complete the Victorian house design in to it. Modern painting and some light appears behind the wall create modern feeling.

Full modern design is come from the kitchen. With black and wooden color kitchen set, futuristic sink, and modern utensils in the kitchen really create modern atmosphere. Transparence ceiling made from glass, and wall glass next kitchen are brings modern looks. This modern looks blend with traditional looks with wooden floor, and some potted plant in the kitchen. We can see dining room from the kitchen, because this room is near each other. Luis Trevino put modern design dining table in to it, transparence glass table with black chairs.

This home is completed with the backyard, not really big but still enough for family gathering. In the backyard we can find some chairs with a table for barbeque time. The bedroom and bathroom are really in modern design blend with some traditional looks. We can see this home is dominated with white color and brown color from bricks and wooden part. If you feel boring with these two color, just white and brown, you can build Victorian house designs with the wooden floor polish in authentic full color for your future home.


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