Wooden Floor Tiles for Precious Concrete House with Glass Panels

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LADAA, a modern residence that is built in glass panels as exterior wall is looked compact as concrete house with the wooden floor tiles. Indeed, concrete material that is used is only being applied for rooftop design and basement design. With aluminum frame, the glass panels as exterior wall are looked so precious. In addition, plain color of concrete material is so compact being applied as rooftop design.

Built in duplex floor plan, this modern residence is also has lavish interior design. For main floor design, white oak wood is installed for all compartments on wooden floor tiles. However, since rooftop plan is made from concrete material, ceiling design for interior is also applied by concrete material. Minimalist furniture of this modern residence is also looked so compact with glass panels used as main exterior wall. Since then, the Concrete House Cost of this concrete house is so excessively expensive.

Actually, this modern residence also has square basement that is built by concrete material. Applied by wooden floor installation, the minimalist furniture is so compact to other interior furnishings. Artistic paintings are installed on a concrete interior wall with white color for main color. This basement is so useful because this compartment is used to entertainment room. With square glass panels are installed at the top part of this concrete basement, outdoor scenery can be seen precisely. Ceiling lamps that are installed at each edges of this basement are latest design for concrete house. Different from other concrete house, pendant lamps are not installed since this building uses wooden floor.

Indeed, this concrete residence is so natural because this house is exactly built surrounded by green lawn at the backyard and front yard. With wooden fence made from wooden material, exterior design of this concrete house is so perfect combined by classy nuance of concrete and glass materials for exterior decoration. Therefore, for private residence with glass panels and wooden floor tiles, Concrete House Designs is so compact for exterior decoration.

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